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Power Projects Leufkens, LLC


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Power Projects Leufkens wants to support you in growth, when your company is looking for …

  • stronger autonomous growth

  • longer term business development

  • mergers and/or acquisitions

  • penetration of a new market with existing products or services

  • new testing areas

  • addition of a new line to your existing business

  • a more effective innovation process

  • the right qualification but shorter time to market of a new product generation

  • a business case for investing into your facilities

  • a roadmap for your business based on expected technology developments

  • the reshaping of your leadership team to address new business development and marketing challenges

  • regrouping capabilities to better serve the marketplace

  • out-of-the-box project management to seize an extraordinary business opportunity


Typical clients for Power Projects Leufkens include:


Manufacturers of T&D equipment, such as switchgear, transformers, cables systems, transformer rectifiers, etc.


Utilities with Transmission and Distribution grids


Testing laboratories, Inspection & Certification providers


Companies in Consulting and Professional Services


News & Publications

Power Projects Leufkens has been busy also during the pandemic and thanks its clients and partners for trusting PPL to help “grow their business beyond limits.” 

PPL’s recent jobs included: 

  • study into growth and business use of sensors and their analytics;

  • feasibility studies for Energy Storage, High Power, and High Voltage labs;

  • innovation support, including preparation and publication of a survey of power companies and sharing of best practices;

  • engineering and building Energy Storage test facilities, before and behind the meter for Southern Research in Birmingham Alabama;

  • market research into a variety of topics, including High Voltage surge arresters; 

  • surveying high voltage cable monitoring and diagnostics needs in the North America in general, and the effectiveness of Damped AC site testing in particular.


We have updated the website to include our latest experiences.

We look forward to 2019 and the new challenges our clients will bring to us!


414 Maplewood Ave

Wayne, PA 19087


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Presentations & Publications:

At NY BEST’s Capture the Energy conference Paul Leufkens participated for Southern Research in a panel about energy storage, microgrids and other applications with the contribution: "The ESRC: Big Data to unlock stacked use cases and de-risk energy storage grid applications"


Vacuum Generator Circuit Breaker as a Reliable SF6 – Alternative with Reduced Life Cycle Costs for Power Plants up to 400 MW

CIGRE 2018 Conference Paris, paper A3-302, Augustus 2018

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